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The following is a reproduction of a chronological and historical statement and perspective presented by one also known as: K.F. Hoine, Brother KC, Lorion Melchizedek, Matia Melchizedek. This document and some others were rescued in the mid 1970's from an attempt by two High Priests to indiscriminately burn all written records and documents in their custody (at the home on 1111 Cahlan street) pertaining to EOOM. The reason for their behavior was not clear. However, that burning followed the closing of several business enterprises and the dismissal and disposition of some 10 to 20 members in Las Vegas, Nevada. The document was retrieved by a Melchizedek who, unknown to the others, secretly and selectively sorted the documents and hid them away for future historical purposes. EOOM continued to have corporeal and organizational problems under the direction of Matia Melchizedek subsequent to his vacation and return to the "Cahlan Home." At that time (the late 1970's) as General Manager of Melchizedek Family Koi and Fancy Carp, Ltd., Matia also began a campaign that focused on a political office of Justice of the Peace. In the midst of his campaign as JP and with objection from some of his limited partners, the acting Matia of EOOM's Earth Council, registered and then began another campaign for political office as a candidate for Attorney General of the State of Nevada. In the eyes of some it was a disasterous choice, error in judgement, and unfortunate turn of events. We are taught that apparent failure can be the cloak of something better to come. However, that juncture saw the last of a concerted and coordinated effort of the then active Earth Council's support for Matia's activities, direction, and focus. Subsequently the limited partnership of Melchizedek Koi And Fancy Carp, together with all assests, were legally and unanimously resolved. This statement is not an attempt to chronicle EOOM from the document's ending date to the present. However, it is offered as an insight into some of the subsequent circumstances related to its author and the metamorphosis of EOOM under his leadership. This observer has not reviewed nor published a factual and chronologically accurate history of EOOM's authority, manifestation, and status, up to the present time. However, the proposition that someone may do so begs for attention.

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The Outline

Earth's Order of Melchizedek is the evolutionary planetary organism designed and instituted by Machiventa Melchizedek and, subsequently, restated by the Current Matia Melchizedek, to accomplish manifestation and substantiation of the following Universal plans in and on this planet, (Urantia).

  1. to provide the planetary structure necessary to implement establishment of the spiritual government of our Vicegerent Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, (Earth Council);
  2. to provide the corporeal and mindal substance and structure necessary to accomplish the incarnate union of two widely diversified expressions of personality, Divine Origin Melchizedek Son and evolutionary origin mortal being, and, the subsequent fusion of the new personality order with the Paradise Origin Mystery Monitor, (the "great experiment");
  3. to provide the corporeal substance necessary for construction of a planetary "See of Glass," (Universal receiving and broadcasting station);
  4. to provide the mindal circuits necessary to translate universal broadcasts into planetary action, (Rhana and Tau flows of the League of Faith and Earth Council);
  5. to provide resolution points and ambassadorial service between cosmic Hierarchy and planetary evolutionary governments, (United Humanitarians, League of Faith and Earth council);
  6. to provide a factual integrative organism wherein a Buddhist may attain Buddha, a Christian may attain Christ, a Hindu may attain Krishna, et al, an Hebrew may rediscover the reality of a Personal God, a Moslem may attain the Prophet of Allah, etc., ad infinitum until there is planetary recognition of the One Source of and in all, and, the subsequent realization that all truth does truly guide an ascending consciousness in the direction of the Universal Father;
  7. and finally, to participate in setting the Urantian stage for enactment of our Creator Son's sometime return to this, the home of His Mortal Origin.

The prototype or forerunner of our current evolutionary and revelatory organism, (EOOM) began with the revelation, to Joseph Smith Jr., of what the Latter Day Saints refer to as the United Order. The early Mormons were, collectively, unable to positively cope with the tremendous political and social pressures created by the "new" revelation and, following the death of the church's second and final "real" Prophet, Seer and revelatory executive, Brigham Young, the spirit values, truth and mores inherent in the United Order soon gave way to the more obvious and, therefore seemingly more demanding dictates of temporal government and social codes. Spiritual Authority for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and all it's attendant offshoots to ground a cosmically acceptable planetary government was indefinitely suspended by order of the 12 Melchizedek Planetary Receivers, (Hi Dang, 60 M.E., winter solstice 1890,) and, subsequently, transferred to the Baha'i Faith on Roe Dang, 61 M.E., under the direct revelatory guidance of the Urantian Commission of 24 of Edentia.

Machiventa Melchizedek was proclaimed vicegerent Planetary Prince on Nu Dang , 84 M.E., (fall 1914,) over the Nebadon Circuits and he immediately set about securing the necessary approvals in order to implement a plan he had long been developing. On Hi Dang, 100 M.E., (winter 1930) our beloved Prince , guide and mentor received from the Ancients of Days on Uversa, via solitary messenger, final approval to implement his plan for establishing his planetary government while, simultaneously, producing a new, to Nebadon , personality type and creature form. After conferring with Absolute Universal Melchizedek and the Nebadon Melchizedek Father, he began soliciting volunteers from among his Melchizedek brothers and soon he had assembled enough of his peers to commence the "great experiment."

On Me Dang, 101 M.E., (spring 1932) work was begun preparing an unconscious member of the Urantia Reserve Corps of Destiny to receive and translate the total incarnation of Machiventa, who chose to set the integrative pattern of our current incarnation technique.

On Me Dang, 114 M.E., the incarnate union of Machiventa Melchizedek, a Divine Origin being, and Francis Pencovic, a mortal origin being, was consummated and this new personality, Krishna Venta Melchizedek, began in earnest and in fullness testing the capacity of the corporeal vehicle to receive and translate spiritual frequencies into material substantiation. The philosophy, cosmology and religion he presented was geared to the receptive capacity of his growing band of "disciples" and finally, on Me Dang , 117 M.E., (spring 1948;) the W.K.F.L.Fountain of the World, began material manifestation.

As the reality of his Divine nature dawned on his followers, there commenced the growth of an insidious cult of personality worshippers who were to plague and hind the material unfoldment of his plan by expression of sincere but ignorant zeal and self-generated concepts throughout the remainder of his planned sojourn in the flesh. He began early in the W.K.F.L.'s unfoldment preparing his followers for his timed departure, although, few, if any, ever really accepted the fact of his oft' spoken admonition, 'I've found you in the flesh, now you must find me in spirit, for I will be with you but a short time longer.'

On Say 18, 128 M.E. (1959), our beloved Lord took leave of the planetary surface in order to guide and supervise the impending descent of his several brothers into mortal expression. During the materialization of the W.K.F.L. Fountain of the World, it became increasingly more difficult for the Lord to clearly differentiate for his disciples, the three fold nature of the corporate body , (material/Founts, mindal/Aaronic Priesthood and Spiritual/Melchizedek Order;) Although the precepts and concepts were clearly outlined in the Fountain's by-laws and reiterated time and again by Machiventa himself, the collective consciousness surrounding him was unable to comprehend the fullness thereof, and, as a result, even though the creatures he attracted were all high in potential, few ever actualized, experientially, the reality of their inherent potentiality.

Concurrent with the above were several cosmic actions that we will, in this paper, briefly mention:

1844-Martyrdom of Joseph Smith and concurrent claim of the Bab of Persia Nu Dang

90 M.E. (fall 1920) the simultaneous revelation to Abdu'L'Baha and Shoghi Eddendi Rabbani of the Baha'i Faith, of the impending incarnation of Machiventa.

Roe Dang, 102 M.E. (Summer 1927) Universal approval for revelation of the Urantia Papers. Hi Dang, 102 M.E. (winter 1932) beginning of the Nebadon approval plan of genetic manipulation to produce increasing numbers in the Urantia Reserve Corps of Destiny.

Koo, 102 M.E. (Feb. 1933) Conception of the corporeal host of the current Matia Melchizedek.

Poo, 127 M.E. (May, 1958) Matia Melchizedek's contact and subsequent initiation with and by Machiventa Melchizedek. (Mortal host, K.F. Hoine; Descending Melchizedek Lorion Melchizedek.) following the Lord's departure from the surface of the planet, there were several subsequent attempts to re-activate the spiritual circuits of the W.K .F.L. Fountain.

On Hi Dang, 131 (Dec. 1961) Brother KC, (now Matia Melchizedek) attempted to communicate to the Fountain's leaders the absolute need for election of a successor to Machiventa in the corporate body by demonstrating that any physical body can occupy a vacant physical space. His action was interpreted as a grab for "power," and he was subsequently asked to leave the fountain grounds by the acting board of Apostles, (beginning of the end.)

On Roe Dang, 134 M.E., Dzog Chen Melchizedek claimed spiritual leadership of the fountain and was denied by the acting Board of Apostles. He subsequently revealed to Brother KC the revised form of the Melchizedek Order, confirmed him, (Bro.KC,) as an High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and commissioned him to maintain contact with the W.K.F.L. Fountain but not to interfere or participate in any Fountain activities until it should be revealed to him concerning the time. Dzog Chen Melchizedek resigned as Melchizedek "leader" on Me Dang, 135 M.E., promising to return in another capacity at some future date.

On Me Dang,136 M.E., Bro, KC was instructed to assume the name "Melchizedek, " and confront the W.K.F.L.'s Fount of Alaska. Subsequently, he was "placed" on an isolated farm fronting the Anchor river on the Kenai Peninsula along with two "witnesses," given the Urim and Thummim and instructed to "Swallow the Stones."

On Hi Dang, 139 M.E., a group of seven people, including "Melchizedek," determined to give expression to the Omleshivalken Tau, (Rhana/Tau of the Teachers and Tau of Expositors.) The Tau was energized and grounded on Na 11 , 140 M.E. with the subsequent grounding of a Priests Rhana on Een 18, 140 M .E.

On May 30, 140 M.E., the current operational constitution of Earth's Order of Melchizedek was revealed and chartered, and grounded on Me Dang, 140 M.E., at the geographic location of the Omleshivalken Tau.

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Constitution and Articles of Incorporation of Earth's Order of Melchizedek


The name of this entity shall be: Earth's Order Of Melchizedek hereafter abbreviated and referred to as, "EOOM".



ARTICLE FOUR: League of Faith

ARTICLE FIVE: United Humanitarians

ARTICLE SIX: Matia Melchizedek

ARTICLE SEVEN: Earth Council


On Nu Dang, 141 M.E., (Fall equinox 1971) all grounded contact points of EOOM were energized.

On Hi Dang, 141 M.E., the Earth Council, (Assembly of Prophets, Court of Apostles, and Conclave of High Priests,) was grounded.

On Me Dang, 141 M.E., (Spring 1972) the Conclave of high Priests and Court of Apostles were energized.

On Roe and Roe Du Dang, 141 M.E., (Summer 1972) the Assembly of Prophets was put to resolution.

On Nu Dang, 142 M.E., (fall 1972) the Assembly of Prophets was put to resolution.

On Hi and Hi Du Dang, 142 M.E., (winter 1972) the Assembly of Prophets was grounded.

On Me Dang, 142 M.E., (spring 1973) a general convocation of the Earth Council was held at 245 West 600 North, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103, and the Assembly of Prophets were energized.

Matia Melchizedek, Once Spokesman, Earth Council (end of quote)


The work continues.

Although EOOM is more than 20 years old, with most of the first council having gone their own ways, the teaching of EOOM are timeless and should never die, nor will I let them. I am the only one maintaining this site, but I do not think this is a bad thing. My future and EOOM's are intertwine in most respects. I am Abron James, more or less a Highbred Melchizedek priest, for first and foremost I am a Godest Priest
"Here stands the last ICC of EOOM" .
.(the link will explain) I believe GOD is the One Universal Supreme Creative Consciousness, in fact the universe is a Consciousness. As I look at the pages of this site, I know, I can still say,

The One Universal Supreme Creative Consciousness, is God, and God is a universal thought. We all need to believe in something if not ourselves. I've a renewed faith. A montra I use now Calm, Relax, GOD will help you through it.

As life moves on, so shall I. I hope to breathe a little life into EOOM, for at this time I know I need one hell of a lot of faith. God is all things, my neighbors, the thought will get you through your experence.


May these pages bring you enlighten in your life, my neighbor,
If not, I still thank you for taking the time to look around.

May God always smile upon you, and your mortal life be good.

Wisdom, Knowledge, faith, and Love.

Abron James Melchizedek
James G. Krutz

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